Fixing the food system across generations, across the table, across the world
Fixing the food system across generations, across the table, across the world

The Secret Ingredient Podcast


The Secret Ingredient podcast is a lively round table discussion where Generation Food’s Raj Patel joins host Rebecca McInroy and Tom Philpott, food and agriculture writer for Mother Jones Magazine, to talk with experts about the production, distribution, and marketing of our food. Produced by KUT public radio in Austin Texas, the series covers issues that affect everything from food consumption to global health, gender bias, and the economy.

For each episode, the team chooses one food to investigate. Raj, Tom and Rebecca talk with the people whose life’s work has been to research and understand the impact these foods have on our lives. Like food itself, the topics are diverse. From consumers and advocacy groups taking on the soda industry to Native Americans in the Puget Sound dealing with the sustainability challenge of dwindling salmon runs. From the wide-ranging impact of food on prisoners in the U.S. prison system to the long history of oppression in the banana industry.

The podcast’s most recent episode explores the question, what will it mean to eat food in the future? Tackling everything from GMOs and Soylent Green, to video games and the traditional family dinner, what will food look and taste like?

As The Secret Ingredient team says, “Join us, and dig in! We won’t tell you what to eat, but we will tell you why you’re eating it.”

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