Fixing the food system across generations, across the table, across the world
Fixing the food system across generations, across the table, across the world



At Generation Food we’ve got stories to tell, and if we’ve done our work properly you’ll come away with some compelling narratives, artfully done, mixing fact-filled animations with straight up documentary. You’ll see how ordinary people up against the teeth of the food system are working to reinvent how we all eat.

Here are some of the stories that we’re working on:


We’ve been filming in Oakland, California, following the trails of people around The People’s Community Market, and The Fight for $15, as well as the Family Farm Defenders (including an interview with dairy farmer Jim Goodman) and Food for Maine’s Future.


In 2015, the Indian government agreed with groups like the Uday Foundation that there should be limits on junk food. But what those limits should be pits activists at the India Resource Center, Center for Science and Environment and leading physicians against the food industry.


Near the roof of the world, a group of indigenous people has taken back their ancestral seeds from their government and from international development agencies, and are reinventing how to share them.


In one of the poorest countries in the world, farmers haven’t just figured out how to grow more food, but how to build healthier communities.


Around the world, people are doing incredible work to change the food system, from Focus on the Global South to La Via Campesina. Join us as we follow them and their struggles.

But wait, there’s more…

At the Table with Raj

Raj Patel goes face-to-face and sometimes head-to-head with friends and foes of the food justice movement, as he sits across the table and breaks bread with journalists, food celebrities, power brokers, fast food workers and activists.

An Animated Look at the History of Food

Comedy ensues as we experience the history of food in just minutes with a sugar cube as our guide.

Learn more about the issues and the stories we’re working on:


The People’s Community Market

Fight for $15

Family Farm Defenders

Food For Maine’s Future


Uday Foundation

India Resource Center

Center for Science and Environment


Asociación ANDES


Soils, Food and Healthy Communities


Focus on the Global South

La Via Campesina

The International Baby Food Action Network

Food First