Fixing the food system across generations, across the table, across the world
Fixing the food system across generations, across the table, across the world


Generation Food’s mission is to amplify stories that inspire people to learn, connect, co-create and change the world food system.

With a billion hungry and two billion overweight people on Earth, everyone knows that the food system is broken. But few people understand that it is a system with rules that keep things ticking along. Some groups are breaking those rules, providing hopeful solutions for how we eat today, so that everyone can eat tomorrow.

Best-selling writer and food activist Raj Patel (Stuffed & Starved, The Value of Nothing) and award-winning filmmaker Steve James (The Interrupters, Hoop Dreams, Life Itself) weave together tales of the system’s destructive creators and creative destroyers, calling attention to traders, farmers, grocers and eaters from India to Malawi to Maine to Oakland to show not only how the system works, but how some unlikely people are transforming it.

Generation Food shines a light on what’s happening at the grassroots level, exploring real solutions by real people who are taking their food system into their own hands. Through powerful storytelling and co-creation, working with grassroots groups around the world — our goal is to inspire many more people to begin their own experiments in social change.

The Generation Food project provides a platform for grassroots groups who aren’t typically reflected in the Food Movement, a movement that is mostly white and affluent. Our approach asks women, people of color, and low income communities to show what works and what doesn’t, and to inspire individuals to create meaningful efforts for food sovereignty in their own communities. Our hope is that Generation Food will be a resource hub, a place to join the millions of people around the world that want to ensure that food is the number one priority on the global agenda.