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Generation Food Think Tank 2015

Generation Food Think Tank 2015

As any good chef knows, finding the right ingredients and doing the prep work can take far longer than actually cooking the dish. Our dynamic storytelling duo, Steve James and Raj Patel, have been following exciting stories in India, Peru and the US. The Malawi story, about gender roles and fighting hunger and famine, is in its final stages. You’ll get to learn much more about that by watching Raj’s TED talk in early 2016.

We’ve also kept up with changing tastes by tweaking our recipe a little. Chances are, you’re not reading this in a cinema – you’re on your phone, desktop or some other device. As the consumption of media is increasingly done online, we’ve decided to tell our stories in ways you can use and share. Generation Food stories will be presented as a book and short films, through community events, meals, and more. We’ve also been meeting with groups to co-create our stories and to amplify the work that they’re doing on the ground. We’ve developed links with faith-based groups, large environmental movements, cooperatives, organizers and changemakers. We’ve also grown our team to make sure we reach the right people, with the best content, for the greatest impact.

Generation Food continues to be an international project designed to engage and inspire systemic thinking about and systemic change in the way we eat today. Through powerful storytelling, our goal is to inspire many more people to begin their own experiments in social change. We’re aiming high, hoping to position Generation Food as a resource hub, a place to come to join the millions of people around the world who want to ensure that the world can feed itself in the future. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and to sharing our stories with you, in 2016.

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